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Many companies spend great sums of money maintaining their assets. Vehicles, Plant, Buildings and Vehicles along with countless other assets, maintenance contracts abound....


They forget their most valuable asset. Their employees. Health and Safety, it seems, stops at liability. Good for insurance companies but not good for those who are expected to turn up, perform and deliver, day after day. Not to mention that employers have a resonsibility at law to ensure their employees are protected from work-related stress. Many days are lost through absence due to stress related conditions as well as poor performance being a significant factor in stress related difficulties. Employers can be found guilty too of failure to meet their statutory obligations and fines are unlimited.


We offer a tailored workshop program or one-to-one mind coaching sessions that will add enormous value not only to the welfare of your staff but also to your bottom line. Priceless....? We think so.


About our Workshops;

Tim has an impressive CV, having founded from scratch three world-class businesses employing over 500 employees and as a professional sportsman for over twenty years, competing at International level as an offshore racing yachtsman and a British Champion amateur racing driver, Tim understands how to effectively manage and use stress to improve performance as well as not let stress effect our mood, mental health or anxiety levels.

Tim will show you how it is possible to not let the fire in your belly melt the ice in your head or if there’s no fire or ice in the first place, how to create some using the power of positive thinking to form a winning habit that will see you across the finish line and beyond. “To win a race you have to finish first but first you have to finish.”

Stress can be recognised, harnessed and used to good effect. Learning the techniques to achieve this requires a little practice but all is revealed in the content of the workshops or one-to-one sessions.

The aim of the day is that delegates or clients take away a toolbox that is brim full of anxiety busting techniques and practical, easy to implement solutions that harness the incredible power of our mind that will improve their performance in the workplace and beyond, from effective day-to-day stress resilience and management to significant improvements in personal efficacy, productivity, general well-being and confidence for everybody from the shop floor to the boardroom and even improvements in their Golf handicap or chosen sport. In fact, these easy to learn techniques manifest improved in performance in whatever they desire… Yes, anything!

Topics covered not limited to and include the following;

·         What is stress and where does it come from.

·         Recognising thoughts and how they affect our emotions. (the CBT               model).

·         Combating the vicious cycle of stress related thinking.

·         The three types of fear and how to conquer and use them to                         advantage.

·         Exercises and techniques in instant anxiety relief.

·         Tricks of the mind and how to recognise and reverse negative                       thinking.

·         Winning habits.

·         Positive and polite assertiveness.

·         SMART Thinking (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant,                         Timescale)

·         What defines abuse and avoiding/dealing with it.

·         Why work should be enjoyable and how to make it so.


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Tim Grigsby
Tim Grigsby
Tim Grigsby
Tim Grigsby

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